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  • Tin Soe (Ebeye, Marshall Islands)...Tin
    Born in Burma in Yenangyang. 1963 - Graduate from Pediatric Faculty, Charles University, Prague.
    1966 - Got from the same school, Candidate of Science in Pediatric Surgery.
    1966-1982 - Worked as assistant pediatric surgeon cum pediatrician and asst. medical supt. at Children's Hospital in Rangoon (till 1968) then in Moulmein, Burma.
    1982-87 Private pediatrician in Moulmein.
    1987-90 United Nations Volunteer Pediatrician in Bhutan, first in Thimphu, then in Galephug.
    1991-92 Private Pediatrician in Male', Maldives with MediClinic, ADK Medical Center.
    From 1993 to present - Pediatrician, Ebeye Community Health Center and Ebeye Hospital, Marshall Islands.
    P.O.Box 5659, Ebeye Hospital
    Ebeye, Marshall Islands Zip MH 96970