Members - Romania

  • Ileana Mirestean (Cluj-Napoca, RO, Romania)...Lenus
    Born on August 12 1951. Married one child (16 years old boy) and a dog called Buck (Cocker Spaniel). I am a pediatric physician and senior researcher at the Medical Centre for Health Services and Management Cluj-Napoca Romania.
    My "motto" is: "Bless the beasts and the children."
    6 Pasteur St.
    3400 Cluj-Napoca, RO, ROMANIA Zip 3400
  • Andrei Zamfirescu, MD (Bucharest, Romania)...Andrei
    Assistant professor of Pediatrics
    Basic research interest: Pediatric neurology
    Department of Pediatrics
    University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest
    Children's Hospital "Dr. Victor Gomoiu"
    Bucharest, Romania, b-dul Basarabia, nr.21
    tel: 0040/3212042; fax: 0040/3234361
    fax: 0040/3234361
  • Mirela Ghenea (Campina, Prahova, Romania)...mirela
    Graduate of The "Carol Davila" University of Medicine & Pharmacy Rezident in Pediatrics
    V. Alecsandri 1A
    Campina, Prahova, Romania zip 2150
  • Ana Gabriela Sitaru (Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania)...Gabi
    Birthday:08.11.1972, Oradea, Romania Physician, currently resident at Pediatric Clinic II, Cluj Napoca Married (one child,borne:08.11.1995) Catholic,
    Calea Floresti str. 79/114
    Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania Zip 3400
  • Ioan Anghelescu (Ploiesti, Judetul Prahova, Romania)...drjohny
    I was born at 30.09.1954 ; I have done the school in Ploiesti, the High School of Pediatrics at the Academy of Medicine Carol Davila from Bucharest. I graduated in 1980. I have done the equivalent of Internat (in Romania "stagiatura") at Spitalul Judetean Ploiesti (800 beds,3 sections of pediatrics. After 3 years of "stagiatura" I become General Practitioner and I worked in a vilage 20km from Ploiesti (important industrial town of Romania).In 1987 I was admited by concours in Rzidency( in romanian "Secundariat") and by this concours I was admited in the Clinic Hospital of Children Alfred Rusescu from Bucharest. At the end of Residency I sustained exam of "Medic Specialist Pediatru" and I was accepted of Sptalul Judetean Ploiesti where I practice in an ICU for pediatrics with 50 beds with other 3 doctors.
    In 1997 I was accepted as doctorand at Pediatrics Cathedra of Carol Davila University of Medicine from Bucharest , my thezis wil study "the reccurent wheezing post bronchiolitis" ( so if you can help me with any bibliogrphy, please do it. Thanks!)
    str Stadionului 3
    Ploiesti, Judetul Prahova, Romania 2000
  • Andrei Dobrescu (Bucharest, Romania)...AndreiDobrescu
    Colegiul Medicilor - Bucuresti"
    Avram Iancu Nr.1
    Bucharest, Romania Zip 730122
  • Florin Filip (Iasi, IS, Romania)...ffilip
    1986- 1992: Faculty of Medicine, Iasi, Romania (ranking in first 10% of graduates) - Doctor- Medic (M.D.) Diploma; - 1992- today: academic appointments, Function Testing Department, Univ. of Medicine & Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania (1992: Junior Assistant; 1996: Assistant; 1998: Lecturer (Assoc. Prof.) ; - 1996- today: Pediatric Surgery resident, Children's Hospital "Sf. Maria", Pediatric Surgery Dept, Iasi, Romania - 1997: Step 2 USMLE passed - 1998: Step 1 USMLE passed - January 1999: ECFMG Certificate awarded - interested in Pediatrics/ Anesthesiology residency in USA
    P.O.Box 1- 183
    Iasi, IS, Romania Zip 6600
  • Mihaela Munteanu M.D. (Iasi, Iasi, Romania)...Mihaela
    I was born in Roman City, in 1962. I have graduated the Medical University fromIasi in 1989. I am a specialist in pediatrics since 1994 and consulting since 1998. In present I work in Santa Maria Children Hospital from Iasi at the VIth Pediatric Clinic, wich has nephrologic and dializa profile.I prepare my M.D. degree in Pediatric Nephrology with theme: Chronic glomerulopaties in children.
    Roman Voda -8 /h 18/ C/16
    Iasi, Iasi, Romania Zip 6600
  • Matilda Borduselu (Bucharest, Romania)...matilda
    I am 26 years. I am a Family Medicine resident at Bucharest - Romania.
    Str. Alesd 3, bl. N23, sc. 6, ap. 80
    Bucharest, Romania 77598
  • Maria Cozma (Tg - Mures, Romania)...Maria
    I am 29 year old and I finish Medical Studies at University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tg- Mures in l995. Now I am a resident in rheumatology. I like my job very much , but I want to know more and more about everything.
    Str. Resita Nr. 1, Ap.2
    Tg - Mures, Romania Zip 4300
  • Bzduch Marta-Gabriela (Satu Mare, Romania)...Babacika
    I'm a pediatrist in Romania, interested in the study of diabetes mellitus in children. This also is the theme of my Ph.D. dissertation, on which I'm just working. So this is my favourite discussion subject, but I'm interested in quite everithing about children and their health.
    str.Moise Sora Novac nr.32
    Satu Mare, Romania 3900
  • Mihaela Soare (Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania)...Micky
    I would like to chat about pediatrics. I'm a pediatric phisician since 1994.
    Street Alion, Number 1
    Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania 1500
  • Neculai Codru (Coventry/Bucharest, UK/Romania)...nic
    I graduated Medical School in Bucharest (UMF Carol Davila) and I did a three-year residency programme in family medicine. At the present I am resident in School Medicine and I am doing a MSc in Community Child Health.
    235 Sir Henry Parkes Rd/Str. V. Braniste
    Coventry/Bucharest, UK/Romania CV4 8GH/ 74136