Members - Latvia

  • Vladimirs Strazdins, MD (Riga, Latvia)...voldis
    Born February 5, 1954 in Riga, graduated as a general practitioner from Riga Medical Institute (nowadays known as Latvian Medical Academy or AML) in 1977. Internship in pediatrics completed in 1978. General practitioner / pediatric practice in Jelgava city (Latvian regional center) in 1979. Military service 1979-1981 in Caucasus Militery District - chief medical officer of a mobile nuclear rocket launchers brigade.
    After dismissal returned to AML Hospital for Children, started as pediatric infectionist, in 1982 switched to endocrinolgy, pulmonology and nephrology (all where located in one department).
    Primary nephrology postrgraduate training completed in 1983.
    In 1991 spent a year as an expert on social security and health care, wrote some five or six laws on above for the first Parliament of independent Latvia. In 1992 returned to the same hospital as a head of Nephrology Department. Completed postgraduate training and passed exams in pediatrics (certified) and nephrology (certified). Trained on pediatric dialysis and ESRF care in Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic.
    Married. Son Karlis, 18 in a few days, just started in Economics in Latvian State University.
    4-11 Vilandes street
    Riga, Latvia, LV 1010
  • Edward Egils Zalitis, M.D. (Riga, Latvia)...Ed
    1997, established a pediatric private practice. Am the only U.S.-trained pediatrician over here.Challenging job. Assoc. Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Latvia, School of Medicine
    Kronvalda Bulv. 10-17
    Riga, Latvia LV1010