Members - Hungary

  • Czegka Mikl√≥s (Tatabanya, Hungary, Hungary)
    Gal ltp. 403.
    Tatabanya, Hungary, Hungary 2800
  • Ivan Sos (Budapest, Hungary)...Sosi
    I'm Ivan Sos MD(45), living in Hungary. I have worked as a pediatrician since 1980, and as a childneurologist in the last eight years.
    I am expert in the fields of pediatrics and childneurology. I have worked in hungarian national institiutes: the Postgraduate School of Medicine, and the Semmelweis Medical University, at the Department of Pediatrics.
    I am also expert in the rehabilitation of infants (under 1 year), as I spent some years at the Department of the Developmental Neurology and Neurohabilitation.
    Szepesi 4
    Budapest, Hungary Zip H-1028
  • Dr. Gyorgy Fekete (Budapest, Hungary)...Gyuri
    Born in 1944, Paediatrician since 1968,hobby: clinical genetics, photography, trips and excursions, music.2 children: 23 yrs old son, 19 yrs old daughter.
    Tuzolto utca 7/9>br>Budapest, Hungary H-1094
  • Adrienn Suto MD (Budapest, Hungary)...sutoa
    I got my diploma at Medical University of in 1998. I have spent 4 years of my rotation at the Clinic of Pediatrics in Pecs, and now I work at the pediatric department of the National Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Budapest.I study international and medical law and insurrance. My major interests right now are infectious diseases and dermatology (and the Europian Community.)
    Budapest, Hungary