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  • Denis Mladiniæ-Vuliæ M.D. (Split,Croatia,EU)...dvulic
    Denis Mladinic-Vulic M.D. (Split,Croatia,EU) I work as a pediatrician in the Pediatric Group Practice "Mertojak" at Split,Croatia.
    I was born in Split in 1960. I graduated at the University of Zagreb in 1985. As a school medicine doctor I worked between 1986 and 1992. My pediatric residency was done at Clinical Hospital "Rebro" in Zagreb and was finished at December,1996.
    I also finished postgraduate studies of Clinical Pharmacology. Now, I am working as a general pediatrician in group practice of the four pediatricians.
    During my residency the following researches were done: chylous ascites, congenital cmv, epidemiology of cystic fibrosis and epidemiolog of cerebral palsy. I am most deeply interested in trainings of child neurology.
    My husband Nenad has a PhD degree in mechanical engineering and works for Croatian Register of Shipping as the Chief of their Machinery and Materials Department. Our 7,3 years old son Mark is mainly interested in dinosaures, drawing and school activities.
    We live in our home in Split. We all like swimming and other summer sports.
    Please Visit my Homepage URL
    Mail address:
    Denis Mladinic-Vulic
    Phone: +385-21/342-517
    ************* the first female pediatric professional on PedChat ********
  • Igor Berecki (Osijek, Slavonia, Croatia)...Bero
    Born 1961. Graduated at Zagreb University Faculty of Medicine in 1987. Worked at Hemodialysis Ward of Osijek hospital 1 year, then 4 years as a GP. Began specialisation in Infectology, but after 1,5 yrs switched to Pediatrics at Clinical Hospital in Osijek.
    Now I'm a 4th year resident in pediatrics, starting my post-graduate studies in clinical pediatrics, planning to join ICU team in Osijek Pediatric Clinic, with major interests in cardiology, life-support procedures and informatics.
    Married, 2 daughters, many hobbies, including music, drawing and computer-aided industrial design.
    home: Sjenjak 41/VI, 31000 Osijek, Croatia, EU
  • Snjezana Gveric-Ahmetasevic (Krapinske Toplice, K.Zagorska zupanija, Croatia)...Crampoos
    A neonatologist working in Clinic for women disseases and delivery, Zagreb, Croatia,Europe.
    Used to work as a neuropediatrician on a pediatric ward of the Special hospital for medical rehabilitation
    A.Mihanovica 3 G
    Krapinske Toplice, K.Zagorska zupanija, Croatia 49217
  • Amer Ahmetasevic (Krapinske Toplice, K.Zagorska zupanija, Croatia)...Amer
    A speech therapist. Woking with children. Speech/Language disorders, Reading/Writing dosorders, Learning problems etc. URL
    A.Mihanovica 3 G
    Krapinske Toplice, K.Zagorska zupanija, Croatia 49217
  • Tanja Lukanoviæ (Zagreb, Croatia)...tania
    I adore my pediatric profession, and I would like to conect with the collegues, specialy the cardiologists.
    Kozarcaninova 11
    Zagreb, Croatia Zip 10000
  • Matilda Kovac Sizgoric (Zagreb, Croatia)...Tilda
    I'am a 34 year old pediatric resident in Children's Hospital Zagreb, Croatia and I'am interested in pediatric neurology
    Mirni dol 1
    Zagreb, Croatia 10 000
  • Milivoj Jovancevic (Zagreb, Croatia)...hogar
    M.D., Ph.D., pediatrician, research assistant
    recent positions:
    Private Pediatric Office "Dr. Milivoj Jovancevic"; Head of the Primary Health Care Committee, Croatian Pediatric Society; Program Coordinator within Croatian Psychiatric Association; member of a Committee for Primary Health Care Reform within Ministry of Health; member of a Primary Healthcare Section within the Croatian Medical Chamber.
    former positions:
    Medical Center "Tresnjevka", Zagreb, Head of the Pediatric Department.
    Research in a field of infant mental health, psycho-social assistance,
    holistic approach in pediatrics, primary health care organization.
    46 references, 8 of them referred in Science Citatation Index, co-author of a Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Croatia) - about to be published
    medical doctor, pediatrician, research assistant, postgraduate studies in oncology, clinical cytology and clinical pediatrics, Zagreb Univ., Croatia.
    Balint group leader, completed training at the Kempler institute in Sweden "Family under stress"; completed PhD thesis "Influence of the War Events on Mother-Infant Relations, Psychosocial and Physical Development of Infants in Refugee and Displaced Population".
    Milivoj JOVANCEVIC is a pediatrician and head of the Primary Health Committee within the Croatian Pediatric Society and member of the Croatian Psychiatric Association. Dr. Jovancevic is also member of the Committee for Primary Health Care
    Reform at the Ministry of Health, Croatia. Before starting his own practice, Dr. Jovancevic was head of the Pediatric Department at the Medical Health Care Center Tresnjevka, Zagreb, providing health care for more than 150,000
    From 1994 to 1998, he was coordinator for psycho-social assistance for refugees and displaced persons in twenty-five refugee centers. Since 1995, he has directed a project of psycho-social assistance to refugee mothers and infants in
    collective centers in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a member of the expert team " Partage", the French humanitarian organization providing psycho-social support for refugee camps in Zagreb. Dr. Jovancevic has special interest in the relationships of mother and children in refugee conditions. He received his M.D., M.Sc. in 1985 and Ph.D. in 2003. at the University of Zagreb. He is an alumnus of Salzburg Seminar Session 327, Involuntary Migration, 1995 and a faculty of Salzburg Seminar Session 391, Social and Economic Determinants of Health, 2001.
    Garicgradska 13
    Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
    Blanka Labura (Split, Croatia)...Blanka
    Barakovićeva 5
    Split, Croatia 21000