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  • Lindita Grimci (TiranĂ«, Albania)...Lindita
    I'm born in Tirana (03.05.1956), graduated at the University of Tirana,Faculty of Medicine at 1979. I began my work at Pediatric department in University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" of Tirana where I did the qualification as general pediatrician and later in Pediatric Endocrinology.
    From 1987 work as pediatrics endocrinologist in the Clinic of Endocrinology & Diabetes for children.
    I'm married, my husband Agim is a doctor radiologist. My first daughter, Rosalba, 19 years old, is studding biochemistry-biology in her second year and my younger one, Gerta, 17 years old, is studding piano in secondary school. She likes to be pianist.
    University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa"
    P.O. BOX 8199
    Tirana - ALBANIA